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Learning program

At ISM Marseille, primary school, the week is split equally, half in English and half in French, so that each student has two teachers; one Anglophone and one Francophone with the youngest benefiting from an assistant. Our specialists (art, yoga, dance, music, theatre teachers) are also bilingual.

In addition to complete bilingual immersion, our school follows two educational programs: Education Nationale and Cambridge. Our international school thus meets the requirements and academic objectives both of France and of an international curriculum. This allows our students to successfully integrate a traditional school program in France or to continue their schooling in other major international schools.

Our program is also one that is interdisciplinary. This means that all of the subject matters are treated together in a coherent manner that allows the students to make sense of their learning, increasing their motivation and desire to learn.

This curriculum ensures that the student:

  • Develops a deep understanding of key concepts
  • Acquires and, more importantly, puts into practice all the skills necessary to flourish.
  • Develops a positive attitude towards learning, the environment and others
  • Is accountable and responsible.

The program uses a variety of assessment tools that accurately measure the level of learning of each child and thus makes it possible to create an individualized program that suits him/her. Through daily activities, teachers continually measure the progress of students in their knowledge acquisition and expertise. With the support of these evaluations, they are then able to plan future activities, organizing the class into groups and to individualize their classwork.

At ISM mistakes are not failure but a great opportunity to learn.

The Elementary (Primary) school program focuses on critical thinking, personal responsibility in learning, curiosity and the spirit of helping others. Student are actively involved in their own learning.

Key to a child’s success at school

Our school has the advantage of having smaller class sizes which allows for truly individualized learning to take place. The teachers are in constant and direct contact with their students resulting in an understanding of the learning styles, strengths, and needs of each child. A weekly team meeting also permits the teachers to exchange about their students and possible adaptations that can be made. Teamwork is essential to ISM Marseille. The teachers of each grade level, both English and French, collectively construct the learning objectives according to the level and needs of each student.

In addition, a bilingual immersion education starting in early childhood, through reasoning skills, memory and abstraction leads to superior performance in all areas taught, including primary language.

Preparing a child for their international future

English is the language used internationally, both spoken and written. Today, ISM Marseille prepares each student for academic mobility and European/ international professions.

At ISM Marseille , the children discover and learn to appreciate cultural diversity and global wealth.
The International School of Marseille offers each child much more than just increasing their language skills.

The modern and active nature of our pedagogy at ISM Marseille allows every student to develop their critical thinking, their creativity, and their ability to work in groups. It is a pedagogy that encourages putting forth one’s best effort, develops self-confidence, and stimulates a desire to learn.